Hyatech is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the R & D, production and sales of complex engine parts and forged medical orthopedic implants. Our key products mainly are aero-engine compressor blades, rotating parts and structural parts (blisks, cases, turbine/compressor disks, rings, intergrated stator rings, rotor assemblies, etc.), medical orthopedic implant forgings and other high-performance components.

The company has undertaken a number of advanced manufacturing technology projects for complex engine components, which include precision forging technologies for titanium and nickel-based alloy compressor blades, machining technologies for turbine disks, manufacturing technologies for development and industrialization for blisks.

The company is currently a domestically-funded enterprise capable of large-scale mass production of compressor blades with precision forging technology. We supply products to leading global companies, including AECC, SAFRAN, RR, and GE Aviation. Relying on advanced forging technology and engineering strength in the aviation industry, the company has entered the field of medical orthopedic implant forgings, and has established stable cooperation relationships with major medical device companies both at home and abroad, such as Johnson & Johnson, Smith & Nephew, WEGO, Akcome, and MicroPort.

In the future, we will continue to enhance our engineering and industrialization capabilities for the development and production of key engine parts such as compressor blades, blisks, cases, turbine disks, and gradually form the technical capabilities for manufacturing key engine components and units. In this way, we will become an important partner of major aero engine manufacturers around the world. In addition, we will establish systematic medical manufacturing capabilities, form specific R&D and production capabilities, gain market influence, and gradually enter the field of finished joint products machining.

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