Technology Integration

Technology integration is the core for Hyatech to accelerate its development.  Adher to the concept of “integrated innovation, intelligent and lean manufacturing”, focusing on the development and application of new materials, technologies and processes, we have formed strong engineering and technical capabilities on precision forging near net forming and precision machining. By introducing advanced manufacturing technologies, we have established an advanced engineering system and can provide complete and reliable manufacturing technologies to support the engineering and industrialization of Chinese aero-engine parts.

System Integration

System integration is the key for Hyatech to establish its product advantages. We continue to promote the construction of digital factories. By combining automatic manufacturing and digital detection technologies with strict product quality control system, we have highly integrated workshop production process, MES system and quality control system to form multiple intelligent systems related to automatic production scheduling, intelligent quality data analysis, paperless process, etc.,  leading the intelligent manufacturing of aviation parts with high efficiency and rapid response in China.

Talent Integration

Talent integration is the source for Hyatech to promote its continuous innovation. Our management team has rich experience in the industry and leads us to achieve higher goals. In view of high integration of products and technologies, we have established a high-quality talent team with different professional backgrounds to provide superior  products and services for customers.

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