Relying on precision forging technology, Hyatech has quickly become a well-known supplier of medical orthopedic implant forgings serving many famous medical orthopedic joint manufacturers in China, and has registered the trademark of Jointich.

In addition to achieving the mass production of hip joint series products, we have realized the localization of titanium alloy tibial plateaus, and participated in the development and application of advanced materials for medical orthopedics joints in China.

As of the end of 2019, we have produced and sold about 430,000 medical orthopedic joint forgings.

We further expand machining operations to enhance the added value of products. In the future, we will expand orthopedics manufacturing links and gradually enter the field of finished orthopedic joint products machining to develop from medical forgings machining to finished OEM/ODM manufacturing and become one of major medical orthopedic joint manufacturers in China.

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