We specialize in the development and production of engine compressor blades using precision forging technology. Aero engine compressor blades manufactured with precision forging technology have high reliability, performance and efficiency, so it is popular and more than 90% of aero engine compressor blades are produced with this technology.

We have developed compressor blades of LEAP series (this engine is dominant in 150-seat single-aisle airliners such as A320, Boeing 737 and C919), CFM56 series, CF34, CF6, PP20, LMS100 and LM9000 for Safran and GM, covering more than 50 stages of blades. As of the end of 2019, we have delivered more than one million compressor blades to Safran and GE; and also participated in the research and development of high-performance engines as well as high and low-pressure compressor blades for CJ-1000 / CJ2000 of C919 / CR929 aircrafts.

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